Day #575 (Mon., Aug 1, 2011) – Katie’s Strange Sleep Patterns

Katie had rather strange sleeping habits today. She got up at 7:30am and went back to bed to 8:30am and slept til 12:45pm. She then went to bed at 5:30pm and slept til 7:30pm.

Our old babysitter Christina came to see us today. She is going to help us out with a few hours here and there til my wife’s mother arrives from Lithuania on Wednesday. My wife was so happy to see her again. Kristina said that Katie is more like a girl than a baby now…she hasn’t seen her in about 6 weeks.

We watched the old Beverly Hillbillies clip on the “Giant Jackrabbit”. It is voted as one of the most watched television shows ever (around #39 I believe). Katie loved to see all the various animals.

2011-08-01 - Katie Finds A Leaf
2011-08-01 - Katie Finds A Leaf

Around 8pm we went for a stroll/walk around the lake next door (see photo to the right). It was too late to drive anywhere so this was the best option for Katie to get some fresh air before the sun went down. We put her in the green stroller…she hasn’t been in it in quite a while. She seemed to enjoy being pushed around the block. We let her out for a run when we got to the lake but had to make sure that she didn’t go into the lake after the ducks.

As soon as I got home Katie arrived with the remote control from the bedroom. She wanted to watch “Oswald”.

I gave Katie a bath this evening. One of her favorite games is to try to catch the stream of water as I pour it from a cup.

We have been watching various train videos on our television via YouTube. Katie loves to snuggle up in the LazyBoy with daddy and make “whoo whoo” sounds when she sees the train. Katie will often say “schup” as the train rushes by. We have no idea on what she is referring to. This evening we also watched some clips for “River Dance” and “The Chicken Dance”. Katie was dancing around the living room.

Katie also got a kick out of climbing on my wife’s back and pretending she was a horse. She would jump up and down and scream…very animated.

1) Katie sure loves her train videos.