Day #574 (Sun., July 31, 2011) – Katie Sees A Train

2011-07-31 - Penguin Doll
2011-07-31 - Penguin Doll

Katie has been sleeping with the penguin doll that Aunt Becky (from UNC) gave us as of late. You can see a photo to the right.

It was raining like mad all day today. Guess we won’t be taking Katie outside today. I did go out on the patio with her and put a few pots under a water drip from our patio roof. She took these pots and poured the water out into other pots. Something more to keep her amused.

I folded some clothes this afternoon and Katie “tried” to help. This is one area in which she is more interested in “undoing” everything that daddy has done…so you have to keep her occupied with a blanket or something.

We went to the Bosphorus Restaurant this evening for a meal. They were swamped so it took a while to get our check. My wife took Katie outside for a bit of a run and she got to see her first train speeding by. She would also run around the parking lot hugging the various pillars.

After Katie’s bath I have been rubbing moisturizing oil on Katie’s skin. The doctor said we had to put this oil on her skin within 3 minutes after her bath to lock in the moisture from the bath. In this way her eczema (dry skin) will not reappear.

1) Katie has been sleeping with the penguin doll that Aunt Becky gave us.