Day #573 (Sat., July 30, 2011) – The Jump Zone

We did a Skype with my mother this morning. Katie was busy running around and keeping my mother busy following her. I showed my mother the scribbler flash cards we made and Katie went through the various pictures. As usual, she got stuck on the “sun” picture and that was as far as we got.

2011-07-30 - Jump Zone
2011-07-30 - Jump Zone

This evening we took Katie to Jump Zone, at the corner of High House and Hwy #55. They had a small toddler area, but we had a coupon and only paid $3.00 for the visit so we decided to stay. Katie got the greatest kick out of running around and pointing at the various air-filled amusement rides (see photo to the left). The toddler toys were rather plain…but Katie really enjoyed seeing all the other kids.

We put Katie to bed this evening but it started to thunder and lightning so she was soon up. When her wife brought her into our bedroom she was saying “Boom, Boom” (for the sound of the thunder).

This evening Katie was in her high chair watching Lawrence Welk when she said “bay-bee”. There was no baby on the screen, and we even rewound the tape to see if there was a baby there. Nope. We let the tape play and sure enough, this was the episode where Lawrence Welk introduces his grandson to the audience. Katie knew that a baby was going to be appearing on the screen! We actually rewound the tape twice and sure enough, she did it again… This is one smart kid…

1) Katie really enjoyed the Jump Zone today.