Day #572 (Fri., July 29, 2011) – Katie’s Rocking Horsey

I nailed some white composite trim around the screened in porch this afternoon. Now the netting is trapped by the moulding and it will certainly keep all the bugs and flies out. It was very, very hot…not the best time to do this. They say that today may beat the all-time record in terms of heat here in North Carolina…set back in 1952. Update: We tied it today at 104 degrees…

2011-07-29 - Splashimals
2011-07-29 - Splashimals

The photo to the left shows the latest addition to Katie’s list of toys and playthings. “Splashimals” is a series of foam cards that contain the front and back of animals. You can mix and match them to make up “unique” combinations. With a bit of water they will stick to the side of the tub making bath time more enjoyable.

Katie and I went through the scribbler flash cards I have been assembling. I would turn the page and Katie would tell me what it was. Every so often she would grab the scribbler and run off to show mommy what it was. For some reason she gets stuck on the picture of the sun. She loves it so much that when I turn the page to show other images she keeps saying sun, sun, sun til she grabs the scribbler from me and goes back to it.

I was playing with Katie this evening and for some reason I thought she might like to ride on her toy rocking horse. I got it out and sat on it and started to rock back and forth. Katie started to mimic me and got a great kick out of getting on and off it.

1) Katie is starting to ride on her rocking horse more these days.