Day #571 (Thu., July 28, 2011) – Toddler Utensils

It’s our babysitter’s birthday and we gave her a gift card to this bead shop that she likes.

2011-07-28 - Toddler Utensils
2011-07-28 - Toddler Utensils

My wife asked me to stop off at Toy’s R Us today and pick up a set of toddler utensils for Katie (see photo to the right). She is a big girl now and needs to have a set of her own.

I picked up the moulding for the patio area this afternoon. I’m going to nail it in place around the bottom of the screening so that no bugs or flying insects can get in. The screening has really improved the deck area, but this should help to eliminate the problem altogether.

There was an HOA meeting this evening and we discussed the status of my roof. The contractor has not fixed it yet…but he had better get to it. It’s going to rain sometime soon…

Another late night with Katie. Here it is…10:40pm… Let’s hope that she goes to bed before midnight tonight.

1) Katie loves her new toddler utensils.