Day #570 (Wed., July 27, 2011) – “Spit Out The Marker” Game

I picked up Katie a box of 24 washable crayola crayons this afternoon at Wal-Mart. They cost under $2.00, and since there are 24 there are plenty of them to hold and organize into her hands. I sometimes think that she has more fun organizing them than she does “patching” with them. I also got 5 scribblers for only $0.20 each…so we have plenty of material to make our own flash cards out of.

2011-07-27 - Nail Clippers
2011-07-27 - Nail Clippers

This evening my wife made buckwheat pasta and Katie “gulped” it down. She sure loves it.

The photo to the right shows Katie’s new nail clippers. The old ones have gone missing for some reason.

As I was giving Katie a bath this evening she wanted to put the tip of the marker into my mouth. I let her…then promptly spit it out into the water. She got the greatest kick out of this and laughed and laughed. She did this again and again til she got tired and wanted to get out of the tub. It’s interesting what she finds funny.

We thought that Katie would go to bed by 8pm…but she had other plans. Around midnight we were driving her around the neighborhood. She doesn’t sleep on these rides anymore, but we hope that getting out will calm her down enough that she will eat and go to bed. She went to bed sometime after midnight…and was up again at 2am…

1) Katie got a great kick out of me spitting out the markers in the bathtub.