Day #582 (Mon., Aug 8, 2011) – The Microwave Box

Our old babysitter, Christina stopped by for a chat and to pick up her check. Katie was sleeping at the time so she didn’t get to see her.

I took our new microwave out of the box this afternoon so I can measure it and figure out how to install it. We put the cardboard box that it came in on the living room floor. We thought that Katie would climb into it and make a dollhouse or fort out of it. She had other plans. She tried to climb on it, and this produced a down ramp on one side. She then figured out that if she got on the other end of the box and threw her balls against the top they would roll down the box and across the floor.

2011-08-08 - A New Park
2011-08-08 - A New Park

This evening we all went to Moe’s for their burrito special. This is the first time that my mother-in-law has been there and she didn’t quite grasp the concept of having all this “stuff” in a wrap. Besides that, the chicken and beans were hot and the salad stuffing was cold. What’s up with that?

After eating and Moe’s we went to the Sears Farm Road Park (see photo to the left) in Cary. Katie enjoyed the swings, but got tired very quickly so we bundled her up and took her home.

1) Katie had her first trip to the Sears Farm Road Park today.