Day #583 (Tue., Aug 9, 2011) – Katie’s “Green” Toy

I was up in the middle of the night working on Tom’s program when Katie started to “squeak”. I went to pick her up and was hoping she would go back to bed and we would not have to wake my wife. I gave her some warm milk (two bottles actually) and offered her some slices of banana. We watched a little television (i.e.: which means train videos these days) and played a bit. When I tried to put her back to bed she screamed like mad. In the end I had to wake my wife up. She remarked how energetic Katie was…she would not go back to bed for a few more hours.

2011-08-09 - Piano Stool
2011-08-09 - Piano Stool

Katie has learned to make a piano seat out of her stepping stone (see photo to the right).

We got another toy for Katie in the mail today. It is basically a “green “bowl” (ish) sort of thing. Katie can sit in it and I can twirl her around. You can turn it upside down and stand on it (Katie’s personal favorite).

This evening I took my mother-in-law and Katie to the flower park in Raleigh off Hillsborough Street near NC State. As soon as we started crossing the field to the area with the flowers Katie started saying “train”. She recognized this park as the place with all the “train sounds” the last time we visited. Katie didn’t seem as energetic as she has been in previous visits. I had to pick her up and carry her for part of the way.

The highlight of the trip was a train that sounded its horn in the distance. You know that Katie’s ears perked up when she heard that sound. I said “let’s catch the train” and started to run. Katie got a great kick out of this and started to run and laugh. When we rounded the corner past the trees we were able to see the train whizzing by. A great highlight for Katie as she loves trains so much.

1) Katie got a new green “bowl” toy today.