Day #586 (Fri., Aug 12, 2011) – “One, Two, …” – Four?

My mother-in-law gave us $1000 as a present…I deposited the check today. We are putting $500 on Katie’s college fund and the other $500 on our mortgage.

As I was playing with Katie this evening I said “one, two, three…” and Katie replied “four”. A bit in disbelief I did this again in front of my wife and Katie yet again said “four”. I then thought I would try another trick to make sure. I said “one, two…” and Katie replied “four”. Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad.

2011-08-12 - Sticker Book
2011-08-12 - Sticker Book

Another round of putting stickers in Katie’s composition book this evening. You can see the sticker book in the photo to the left. I peel one off the sheet and put it onto my finger. She will peel it off my finger and try to figure out what it is. She will often say “hat” if the character on the sticker happens to be wearing a hat. She then puts it into the composition book. Sometimes daddy has to help her pat them into place.

This evening I decided that I would put a sticker on her knee. She thought that was quite unusual…

I was busily playing with Katie this evening…basically trying to tire her out. When my wife said “Want to go to bed Katie”? she ran down to her bedroom. Mission accomplished.

1) Katie is learning to count???