Day #587 (Sat., Aug 13, 2011) – A Dollhouse For Katie

My wife and mother-in-law went to some consignment sales this morning so I took care of Katie. This really didn’t require much work as she slept for most of the time and only started to get up just before they arrived back. I proceeded to make her breakfast (her usual, fried egg in coconut oil with grilled mushrooms and tomato), and when my wife and mother-in-law returned I made breakfast for them as well.

When my wife and mother-in-law returned from the consignment sales they noticed that there was a garage sale on Solstice Circle, so they dropped off their belongings, picked up some cash, and went there as well. They were able to get a number of nice dresses for Katie for only $0.25. They were obviously interested in getting rid of them rather than making money.

They picked up a nice dollhouse for Katie at the sales and Katie enjoyed playing with it this afternoon.

This evening my mother-in-law and I took Katie to the park near Lochmere. We had a hard time getting Katie out of the swing. I offered three or four times but she would cry and always come back to it. Hard to believe that there was a point when she didn’t really care for swinging.

2011-08-13 - Pictures For Katie's Room
2011-08-13 - Pictures For Katie's Room

On the drive home my mother-in-law started to talk to me in English. I thought she was referring to “peaches” and since we were driving by Trader Joe’s at that point she wanted to stop off and pick some up. She then said “Katie’s room” and when she put the accent on the first syllable (i.e.: “PEETches” as opposed to “peeTCHES”) I was able to figure out that she was referring to pictures for Katie’s room. They picked up a couple of pictures (see photo to the left) for Katie’s room this morning, and when I mentioned this to my wife upon our return she said that she wanted me to put them up for her.

So, I got out a hammer and a couple of nails and put them on the walls of Katie’s nursery when I got home. They depict a zebra and a lion…in a similar design to the drawings on our curtains.

1) Katie now has two new pictures for her room.