Day #588 (Sun., Aug 14, 2011) – Skype On My PC

I was up when Katie started to cry at around 6am. I took her out of her crib and gave her some warm milk (2 cups actually), but she wouldn’t go to bed. In the end I handed her off to my mother-in-law, who was up by then, and went to bed myself.

2011-08-14 - New Dollhouse
2011-08-14 - New Dollhouse

We did a Skype with my mother this afternoon. I installed Skype on my PC so that my wife’s PC is no longer tied up. In this way she will be able to work on her PhD while we Skype with my mother. Katie played with her new dollhouse (see photo to the right) while we Skyped away…

Katie got up at 7pm so it looks like we are in for a long evening. She is having dinner right now and we are trying to figure if it is too late to take her out…and if it will rain if we do.

My mother-in-law and I took Katie to the kiddie park down near our pool area. They don’t have a swing, but she entertained herself with her bucket and rocks. They have this huge blue turtle that she enjoyed petting as well. It started to thunder and lightning just before it turned dark so we packed Katie up and went home.

1) Katie enjoyed the huge blue turtle at the park today.