Day #593 (Fri., Aug 19, 2011) – The Beverly Hills Ballet

Katie was talking in her crib this morning as the garbage truck came by. My wife said that she wanted to see the garbage men pick up the trash. Cheap entertainment…beats concert tickets.

2011-08-19 - Toy Table And Chairs
2011-08-19 - Toy Table And Chairs

The photo to the left shows a set of toy table and chairs that my wife bought Katie at a recent consignment sale.

My mother-in-law and I packed Katie up and drove to Trader Joe’s for supplies this afternoon. The usual…goat’s milk, organic eggs, etc.

I went to Sam’s Club and bought two more storage racks. Now we should have enough to put up Katie’s old toys and other “stuff”. On the way home I stopped off at the Dollar Store and got Katie a “monkey” helium-filled balloon. I thought it was a bear, but the clerk corrected me. No matter…Katie will like it all the same. I also got a couple of American flags as Katie is into flags as of late. I also got a couple of sticker books. All this should keep Katie busy for a while.

I taped an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies in which they want Jed to invest in the Beverly Hills Ballet. Katie was fascinated with it…I think due to the ballet. Do we have a ballet dancer in our midst?

1) Katie loves the Beverly Hillbillies.