Day #594 (Sat., Aug 20, 2011) – The Radio Flyer Trike

This evening my mother-in-law and I took Katie to the Dragon Park. As usual, it was hard getting her out of the swings once she got in them. She also wanted to stomp around in a puddle of water…my mother-in-law was not amused.

2011-08-20 - Radio Flyer Trike
2011-08-20 - Radio Flyer Trike

One guy who was at the park with his daughter had a Radio Flyer trike (see photo to the right) that Katie will probably like at some point. For now she just walked over to it and put a handful of sand on the seat. The trike has a seat that is adjustable for children up to 5-years old and a storage container on the back (we all know how Katie likes to store and organize things). There is also a place near the back where you can insert a pole and push it around…another nice feature.

After the park we stopped off at Harris-Teeter…my wife wants some baby yogurt. Katie got to drive around in the shopping cart shaped like a car. She also got a helium-filled balloon for free…one of the benefits of being a baby when you shop at Harris-Teeter.

1) We might have to get Katie a Radio Flyer Trike one day.