Day #597 (Tue., Aug 23, 2011) – East Coast Earthquake

It is so hard to sleep when Katie is up. It seems that she can “smell” when daddy is home and she makes a bee-line for the bedroom. She will start banging and crying at the door til her grandmother comes to fetch her. By that time daddy is “well awake”…

Since I can’t sleep I decided to go to Trader Joe’s and get some groceries for Katie. We are out of berries and goat’s milk for starters. Hurricane Irene is forming in the gulf and they say that it will be here by the weekend. I’ll probably need to come back to Trader Joe’s before it hits.

2011-08-23 - Katie Relaxing
2011-08-23 - Katie Relaxing

Low and behold, while I was there didn’t we have an earthquake. I didn’t feel it but my wife said that the couch rattled at home.

Take a look at the photo to the right…Katie sure knows how to relax!

This evening my mother-in-law and I took Katie to the playground near Bond Park. She wanted to get into the swings but we encouraged her to get into the sandbox instead. At least this “delayed” her desire to “swing”. We met a couple from Bulgaria and I introduced my mother-in-law to them (they talked in Russian).

1) Katie experienced her first earthquake today (she slept through it).