Day #599 (Thu., Aug 25, 2011) – Sand On The Head

I went to Trader Joe’s this morning to get supplies as it looks like Hurricane Irene will be here on Saturday. I stopped off at the Dollar Store as well…my wife wanted me to get 10 packages of magnetic letters and 3 packages of magnetic numbers. We need them in case Katie happens to misplace some of them in the future…and of course some for our friends’ kids.

2011-08-25 - Weather Alert Radio
2011-08-25 - Weather Alert Radio

I set up the Weather Alert Radio (see photo to the right) that we got a while back. It will broadcast us weather alerts like tornado and hurricane warnings as Hurricane Irene approaches.

My mother-in-law and I took Katie to the playground at Bond Park again this evening. We were hoping that we might run into one of the ladies from the Ukraine or Latvia…perhaps they would know someone who wants a babysitting job.

Katie played in the sand most of the evening. There were a number of kids from India and Pakistan there so Katie played with them a bit. I guess a boy showed her how to put sand on her head…so she picked up that skill.

I put a couple more security latches on the hutches in the dining room area. Katie has been getting into them and playing with the dishes.

1) Katie learned how to put sand on her head.