Day #600 (Fri., Aug 26, 2011) – Here Comes Irene…

Hurricane Irene is barreling up the Atlantic and it is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow morning. Today is the day to prepare. We brought everything in from the patio…but left the canopy intact. Hopefully it won’t blow away. We also found our flashlights and charged the batteries. Now, just sit back and wait.

I put a rack for brooms on the wall next to the fridge this afternoon. Now they will be out of the way and it will be harder for Katie to get ahold of them.

2011-08-26 - Stuffed Animal Party
2011-08-26 - Stuffed Animal Party

The legs on the toy table (see photo to the left) my wife bought for Katie a few weeks ago keep falling off. I put some LocTite glue on them (this stuff is great). I suspect I will not be having any more problems with them in the future.

This evening I brought the wooden sandwich kit that my wife bought Katie a few days ago upstairs. The various components are joined together by velcro, so you can pretend to cut them with the wooden knife and prepare a “wooden sandwich”.

Katie was eating soup by a spoon and doing a rather good job at it. She seems to love to do things that grownups do.

1) Katie’s toy table is fixed for sure…I put LocTite on it.