Day #602 (Sun., Aug 28, 2011) – The Dachshund Puppy

Katie was up way past midnight this morning. For some reason she has tons of energy. Too bad her parents don’t have the same. She got a great kick out of jumping on the bed and falling on her butt.

2011-08-28 - Katie In The Sandbox
2011-08-28 - Katie In The Sandbox

This evening my mother-in-law and I were going to take Katie to the Train Hobby Store off Buck Jones Road, but it was closed. Katie was very upset…she kept saying “train, train” and when we took her back to the car she cried. She thought that we were ruining her fun…even though I kept saying “park”.

We ended up at the new park just off Walnut Street. You can see Katie playing in the sand in the photo to the left. A girl had a dachshund puppy that she was taking for a walk. Katie was interested for a bit…but then back to the swing.

While in the swing there was this young Mexican girl (grade 5) who was swinging her baby sister. She proceeded to tell me about how her family sells Herbal Life and how it has helped them out health-wise. I could tell that she was leading up to a sales pitch from her parents…

About this time Katie got real fussy. When I took her out of the swing to see if she wanted to run she went into a “tantrum”. She didn’t nap today so it was time to take our tired child home. Once at home we fed her and she was soon in bed.

1) Katie might be overcoming her obsession with dogs.