Day #609 (Sun., Sept 4, 2011) – The Cary Train Schedule

We were running out of supplies so my mother-in-law and I took Katie to Trader Joe’s for some goat milk and eggs and such. When we arrived home Katie started to say “Train” and tears rolled down her face. We decided that we would take her to the Cary train station in hopes that a train was coming soon. No train in sight so we went into the station to check on the schedule. I told the lady in the booth that we have a “Train Crazy” child so she wrote down the various times that trains come into the station. They are:

2011-09-04 - Conductor Katie
2011-09-04 - Conductor Katie

01) 6:57am
02) 8:15am
03) 10:02am
04) 11:57am
05) 2:53pm
06) 5:03pm
07) 8:08pm
08) 8:27pm

The lady then asked me how old Katie was. I said 20 months (today actually). She got another lady to bring her a kit that they normally give to kids to take the train. It comprised of a paper conductor’s hat (see photo to the right) and a train coloring book with crayons…stuff like that. We didn’t get to see a train…but we got the next best thing.

This evening we all went to Kemp’s Seafood Restaurant in Durham. Katie enjoyed running around on the wood floors. My mother-in-law loves fish so this is one way to thank her for her help this past month.

1) Katie got a paper train conductor’s hat today.