Day #618 (Tue., Sept 13, 2011) – Katie Dispenses Oil

2011-09-13 - Patch Thyself
2011-09-13 - Patch Thyself

Katie has gotten into the habit of coloring herself (see photo to the left). I guess when you have “patched’ everything else around the house it is the only thing left…

I told our new babysitter Ramona about this blog today. She said she would check it out.

This evening I took Katie to the playground off Walnut Street. She spent a lot of time in the swing, but she did go up and down the slide and play a bit in the sandbox as well.

My wife bought a plastic Winnie The Pooh cover for the tub faucet at a consignment sale a while back. It does not have a hole for the shower on/off lever so we can’t use it. It is finding a use though…when I’m giving Katie a bath I pretend that it is a train. I push it up and down the side of the tub and make all the appropriate train sounds. She loves it.

We are getting into the habit of putting oil on Katie when she is done her bath to help control her eczema. This evening I let Katie dispense the oil. She would turn it upside down and dispense 2-3 drops into my hands and I would rub it on her and she would give me 2-3 more drops. Funny how she knows not to pour the oil all over the floor.

1) Katie helped me dispense body oil this evening.