Day #617 (Mon., Sept 12, 2011) – Babysitter Ramona Starts Today

I took Katie to Trader Joe’s this morning. We got the usual supplies. I put Katie in the buggy and she is pretty good. I don’t dare let her out or she will start organizing the milk and juice.

Our new babysitter Ramona started work today. She will be working with us from 1pm-5pm Monday to Friday. Katie really took to her.

2011-09-12 - Raspberry TrainKatie was eating berries this evening and started to assemble them in a row (see photo to the right). She was creating a “Raspberry Train”…

This evening I took Katie to the playground near Bond Park. There was a little Mexican boy throwing sand with a shovel in the sandbox. Some of it hit Katie in the face…luckily it didn’t go into her eyes. The boys father told him not to do that, and his mother apologized, but I picked Katie up and took her to the swing anyway. Better to be safe than sorry.

After the park I decided to take Katie to the Cary Train Station. A train was coming through at 8:08pm. It was dark by the time it arrived, but we got to see the train lights and sounds and Katie loved it. We went home and showed the videos to mommy…and I think Katie enjoyed that more than the actual thing.

1) Katie built a Raspberry Train this evening.