Day #629 (Sat., Sept 24, 2011) – Two Holes

2011-09-24 - The Pear
2011-09-24 - The Pear

I was up early with Katie and we played with the wooden train that my wife got at the consignment sale yesterday. There is a wooden “box” with a picture of a pear on the side (see photo to the right). I cut up an organic pear and placed it beside it so that Katie would be able to see the real thing and compare.

I showed Katie how to connect the train cars together and how the peg on one would fit into the hole on the other. My wife told me that later in the day she put the hole on one of the cars next to the hole on the other car and said “Two Holes”. She sure understands what “two” means.

Our old babysitter Christina came to work for us today. She will be helping us out on the weekends til my wife can finish her PhD. Katie took to her just like old times…

This evening I took Katie out for a drive. We went to the playground near Lochmere. There was a birthday party in progress and the girls were screaming like mad. Katie worked her way over to the picnic table. I was wondering what she found so interesting there and then I saw that she was after the bunch of helium balloons that were hanging on the table. The lady there said that she would give her one…so Katie got a green balloon out of the deal.

On the way home we decided that we would stop off at the Cary Train Station and see the 8:09pm train arrive from the south. It was too dark to see much, but the train was loud and Katie liked seeing it anyway. It was so loud in fact that whenever it would toot its horn she would get startled and jump.

1) Katie sure understands what two means.