Day #630 (Sun., Sept 25, 2011) – “Mo Ban”

2011-09-25 - Winter Jacket
2011-09-25 - Winter Jacket

I was making some banana bread this morning and gave Katie a slice of banana. She soon came up and said “mo ban” (baby talk for “more banana”), so I gave her some.

Christina came from 2-6pm today and tomorrow Ramona will be here to lend a hand. It’s nice to have help during this stretch when my wife is doing her PhD.

The photo to the right shows the nice winter coat that my wife picked up for Katie at the consignment sale.

I was thinking of taking Katie out this evening but in the end I played with her inside. I still haven’t gotten around to putting the netting on the trampoline, but I’ll have to get to that soon. Katie goes out and bounces a bit on it and puts balls on it, but she is not enthusiastically jumping just yet…so that may buy us some time. Once she starts to get the hang of really jumping on it we need the netting so that she will be safe.

After Katie’s bath I started to rub the moisturizing oil on her and she started to giggle and laugh. She will help me by pouring some of the drops into my hand.

1) Katie loves it when I pour moisturizing oil on her.