Day #631 (Mon., Sept 26, 2011) – Ink-Free Washable Marker

2011-09-26 - Sticker Legs
2011-09-26 - Sticker Legs

Katie got into the stickers today. Funny…she doesn’t mind having a huge assortment of them on her legs (see photo to the left).

As I have mentioned in numerous previous posts, Katie loves to “patch” (i.e.: her word for color and draw). Unfortunately she can make quite the mess as she doesn’t always know which objects can be patched and what can not be patched. Besides all this, I really think the thing that Katie likes the most about markers is putting the caps on and off of them and ordering them in a row and putting them into a cup or box. The Crayola Washable Markers are great for drawing and coloring, but if your child is like Katie I have another option…

I went to the store today and picked up a great package of washable markers. I also found this great plastic case for them…I have not been able to find anything as great online. Anyway, when I got home I used my Leatherman multi-tool pliers to take the cap off and pull out the ink and put them back. Now Katie has a great set of markers to play with and there is ABSOLUTELY NO MESS!!! Mommy and Daddy love this!!!

This evening my wife and I packed Katie up and went to Moe’s for their Monday special. As it turns out they are doing remodeling so we ended up at Panera Bread…the first time Katie has ever been here. She marched right up and took her seat in a table near the window…so this is where we ate our meal…Katie’s choice. We then went to the playground in the Preston neighborhood for a quick swing and run, and then home.

1) I gave Katie some markers after I took the ink out so she could play with putting the tops on and off.