Day #632 (Tue., Sept 27, 2011) – Katie And The Empty Markers

2011-09-27 - Markers And Case
2011-09-27 - Markers And Case

Trader Joe’s for groceries today. Same ole’ supplies. They didn’t have any organic berries…I guess that the season is over. I did get some regular blueberries for Katie and she loved them. She hasn’t had blueberries in a while.

Katie enjoys playing with the “gutted” markers (see photo to the right) that I gave her. She can’t patch with them, but that is what her crayons are for. With these markers she can do something that she likes even more than patching…pulling the tops off the markers and putting them back on, and organizing them into files. These particular markers are nice in the fact that the tops come off rather easy. Some of the permanent markers I have are hard to get the tops off…and Katie will moan and cry when she tries and they won’t come off.

This evening I took Katie to the playground near Lochmere. It used to be that Katie would just go into the swing and stay there, but today she was all over the place. From the swing to the sandbox to the slide to the “other stuff” then rinse and repeat.

On the way home we stopped off at the Cary Train Station to see the 8:08pm train coming from the Triad. A lady at the park a few days ago said that it cost $20 to take the train from Cary to Greensboro…and this is the train that we would be taking. It would be nice to actually do this sometime…Katie loves trains that much and I’m sure she would enjoy all the sights and sounds and view from the train windows.

1) Katie loves playing with her “gutted” markers.