Day #637 (Sun., Oct 2, 2011) – Taking Apart A Train

Katie got up soon after 5am this morning. I was greeted by her pointing to all the animals on her pillow case…she would point to them individually and say “pig”, “cow”, “duck”, “dog”, etc. She was up about 2 hours…I put her to bed around 7:30am.

2011-10-02 - Electric Train
2011-10-02 - Electric Train

Before she nodded off at 7:30am I gave her some warm milk and watched a bit of television. I even found some time to take apart the train (see photo to the right) that my wife got at the consignment sale yesterday. It will not turn on and after taking it apart it looks like someone had taken it apart before and not assembled it together properly. I fixed the switch portion so the “choo choo” will sound and the lights will come on, but it still will not run. I suspect that the gears are stripped but I won’t know til I take the motor apart. Something for tomorrow’s “todo” list.

We had another Skype Session with my mother this afternoon as we were too busy to Skype her yesterday. She always enjoys seeing Katie. Hard to believe that Katie will be 21 months old in only a couple of days.

My wife was studying downstairs so I played with Katie and watched a bit of YouTube. Katie enjoyed watching “Lord of the Dance”, some Trapeze Artists, and even the “Little Rascals” old-time television show.

This evening Katie was assembling a “bon fire” of her toys. She would go to the storage bins and get a block or toy and take it over to the middle of the living room and just dump it. Not sure what she was building…but she was sure having fun doing it.

1) Katie sure loved the sight and sound of the train once it “came to life”.