Day #641 (Thu., Oct 6, 2011) – Katie In The Booster Seat

2011-10-06 - Booster Seat
2011-10-06 - Booster Seat

My wife wanted to get out this evening so we packed up Katie and went to Abbey Road Grill. This was the first time that Katie got to sit in a booster seat (see photo to the left). She liked it for a while…but still wanted to get out and roam around. She saw the french fries on my plate and would not stop “squawking” til I gave her one. She liked licking the ketchup off it the most. My wife gave her some olives off her plate and she liked that as well…even many adults don’t like those.

After eating we went to the Dragon Park off Cary Parkway. Katie is getting so fast it is hard to keep up with her. There were a bunch of teenagers playing on the kiddie slides so we kept Katie away. They did not seem to care that there were young kids around and their “rough housing” was a bit too dangerous for Katie to be around.

I gave Katie a bath this evening. I had to be sure to rinse her well as she was soaking in an “oatmeal bath”.

1) Katie sat in a booster seat for the first time this evening.