Day #642 (Fri., Oct 7, 2011) – Katie’s First Pumpkin

The TiVo in the bedroom has died. I called TiVo up and they said that it sounds like the hard drive. Rather than getting a new one I’m looking into getting a new hard drive and installing it myself. Katie loves to go down there and watch Oswald, so this is no longer possible until I get a new hard drive.

I finished the wooden storage rack for the garage this evening. Now I will be able to put all the pieces of lumber and “odds and ends” up vertically and gain a lot of space as a result.

2011-10-07 - Katie's First Pumpkin
2011-10-07 - Katie's First Pumpkin

I took Katie with me to the fruit and vegetable stand down the road this evening. We were hoping to be able to get a watermelon but the season ended 2-3 weeks ago. Katie was eying this one tiny pumpkin for $2 so I bought it for her (see photo to the right). I didn’t realize that she could lift it but she picked it up and started carrying it around. Unfortunately when we got it home she got a great kick out of dropping it on the floor. I fear that it will break soon…gonna be a mess!

We found a “Tele-Tubby” video on YouTube this evening and Katie loved it. There was this one segment where they slid down a slide when they woke up and she laughed and laughed at that.

1) Katie got her first pumpkin for $2 today.