Day #644 (Sun., Oct 9, 2011) – Cleaned Bookcase

2011-10-09 - One More Bookcase For Katie
2011-10-09 - One More Bookcase For Katie

I got some Thanksgiving window clings at the Dollar Store yesterday and Katie and I put them on the window/door that leads to the patio area.

Christina came to help us out today and she and Katie had a nice long stroll around the lake. While they were out I took the time to fix an issue that has recently come up. It is…

Katie has been getting into our bookcase and throwing books on the floor so I spent the afternoon resolving the issue. I put all the various books into file boxes and stored them behind the couch. The books that we tend to use the most frequently, such as cookbooks, I put into another bookcase that she cannot get at. This bookcase that she used to throw books out of is now totally dedicated to her books and her stuff (see photo to the left).

1) Katie has a new bookcase dedicated to her stuff.