Day #662 (Thu., Oct 27, 2011) – Our Whiney Child

2011-10-27 - Bond Park Ducks
2011-10-27 - Bond Park Ducks

Ramona took Katie out to the park today. She says that Katie spends most of the time running…she has that much energy. She also likes to feed the ducks (see photo to the left).

Ramona said that Katie was very fussy and whining all the way home. Either she didn’t want to leave…or is tired.

Katie was extremely fussy this evening. Nothing seemed to please her and she would whine at this and whine at that. In the end my wife put her to bed around 7pm. A bit early to go to bed, but she went to sleep soon after. She must have been tired. NOTE TO SELF: If Katie seems really whiney in the future…try putting her to bed.

1) Katie was extremely fussy and whining most of the time this evening.