Day #663 (Fri., Oct 28, 2011) – Garbage Truck Videos For Kids

2011-10-28 - The Dollhouse Podium
2011-10-28 - The Dollhouse Podium

Katie was up around 7am this morning. After going to bed so early last night I’m surprised that she didn’t get up earlier today. After a while the garbage truck came and she was off to the races. She ran to the window to see all the action.

To think that we purchased Katie’s dollhouse so she could “play house”. Little did we know that it would be primarily be used as a podium (see photo to the right).

I was able to find some garbage truck videos for kids on YouTube and Katie just loves them. In particular she likes: Garbage Trucks Part I and Garbage Trucks Part II. I’m seriously thinking of getting these Garbage Truck Videos For Kids on Amazon…

This evening I roasted a variety of squashes that I got from Trader Joe’s. There was pumpkin, acorn squash, and butternut squash. What a great way to get your vegetables.

Dateline 8:34pm – Katie is trying to get through her dollhouse via the balcony. She is not getting good results.

We had a hard time putting Katie to bed this evening so we decided to take her out for a drive. We are surprised at how few Halloween decorations there are this year. This is the last weekend before Halloween so it’s very unlikely that there will be more out by Monday.

Katie went to bed shortly after midnight…

1) Katie sure loves her garbage truck videos.