Day #664 (Sat., Oct 29, 2011) – Katie And The Inflatable Halloween Decorations

`Today is the first weekend in quite a while in which we have not had a babysitter. Christina’s last day was last weekend.

I made an egg and mushroom for Katie for breakfast and a pizza for lunch today. Katie sure loves her pizza. She will run around saying “pizza, pizza” at the mere suggestion of having one.

Another Skype session with my mother this morning. I showed her the Garbage Truck videos that Katie likes so much.

This evening I took Katie to the playground near Lockmere. There was only one other family there as it was rather chilly. Katie played on a swing a bit, then in the sandbox a bit, but got the greatest kick out of…

1) Organizing acorns, acorn tops, and “dirt” on the bench, then throwing them around.
2) Chasing the squirrels all over the place. They were busy gathering nuts and trying to avoid her.
3) Watching daddy toss a bottle top.

One interesting fact. As Katie and I were at the picnic table playing with the bottle cap she said “juice”. I said wait here and I will go back to the car and get it for you. I walked back to the car and she sat at the bench and patiently watched me and waited for me to return. Amazing how she understood this request of mine. When she got back she said “cheese” and I had to repeat the whole process over again…once again she waited patiently at the picnic table for me.

2011-10-29 - Halloween Decorations
2011-10-29 - Halloween Decorations

On the way home I decided that I would take her to a nearby home where they have lots of Halloween decorations. They have an inflatable gargoil, an inflatable headless horseman with Dracula in the coffin in the back (see photo to the right), a house with ghosts, and an inflatable cat. I tried to take her home four times and she would not get into her car seat. In the end I had to force her in and buckle her up…this took all my strength. She sure didn’t want to leave all the Halloween fun…she cried all the way home.

One way to get Katie into the car was to promise that we would come back later, so after we had dinner Katie and my wife and I drove back to see the inflatable Halloween decorations. The people had a cat and it came out to greet us. Katie tried to kiss the cat. My wife tried to put Katie into her car seat and when she could not I did. Katie sure has a strong will when she wants something.

1) Katie loved all the inflatable Halloween decorations at the house down the street.