Day #665 (Sun., Oct 30, 2011) – The Tantrum

2011-10-30 - Tubby Toast
2011-10-30 - Tubby Toast

This morning I thought I would give Katie a little extra breakfast. I started off with Trader Joe’s pumpkin mix but why not fashion them so that they look like tubby toast (see photo to the left). A couple of raisins for the eyes and a slice of cheese for the mouth (held in place with some almond butter). She loved it. In fact we all had tubby toast.

Katie has learned a new “trick” (if you can call it that). She will fill her mouth up with milk and show you what she has inside her mouth and then spit it out on the floor. Not the best trick in the world, and certainly a messy one, but she seems well pleased with herself nonetheless.

I had the breadmaker in our room to keep it out of the way and Katie managed to play with the buttons and turn it on. So…back to the kitchen to keep it away from her.

We finished Katie’s Halloween costume this evening. A colored label that says “Crayola” on a Winnie-The-Pooh outfit and some red construction paper sewed onto a hat for tip and she will be a Crayola Crayon this year…

I took Katie to the park this evening and on the way home we stopped off to see the Halloween decorations. The garage door was open and it looked like the people were working around the yard so I didn’t stop to take Katie out to see them. Well…she had a full-blown tantrum when we got home. I took quite a while to calm her down. As a result, later this evening we decided that we had better go back and see them (they will only be here for another day or so anyway). We then drove around an ended up at the Carpenter farm in Morrisville that has the big pumpkin. Katie loved it here…this was their last day of the season. We even purchased a pumpkin for $2.00 that we decorated with Halloween stickers when we got home.

1) I made Tubby Toast for Katie this morning.