Day #666 (Mon., Oct 31, 2011) – Halloween Evening…Day #666

Who would have thought that Day #666 of Katie’s life would be Halloween… Whooooooo….

Katie woke up around 5am and I gave her some warm milk, we watched Oswald for a bit, and I put her back to bed around 6:45am.

I went to Trader Joe’s today to get Katie some goat’s milk and organic string cheese. We ran out of both over the weekend.

2011-10-31 - Crayola Crayon Costume
2011-10-31 - Crayola Crayon Costume

It was a cold rainy miserable evening when we dressed Katie up in her Crayola Crayon Costume (see photo to the right). We didn’t think that we would be roaming around outside this evening so we drove over to see Tom and Christine. I called my mother up before we left to see if she wanted to Skype and see Katie’s costume but there was no answer. Tom and Christine gave us some wrapped imported candy in a plastic pumpkin and Katie was fixated on that during the rest of the evening. She wanted to organize the candies and take all over them out of the wrapper…so when we took it away she was more than fussy…

Katie got the chance to see and play with their white cat…Casper. Katie looked like she was having more fun than Casper… When Casper eventually ran out of the house Katie cried and cried. Time to wrap up our little crayon and head home… Thanks Tom and Christine.

On the way home we thought we would drive through the neighborhood at the intersection of High House and #55 to see if it was as impressive as it has been in years past. It was not. There were a couple of for sale signs on the lawns so maybe the people are having hard times. In years past they had tables out in the cul-de-sac with all kinds of candies and the neighbors would assemble around and socialize. Not this year.

We planned on going to see “Dracula Come Out Of The Inflatable Coffin” and then go home, but by the time we got to this lawn exhibit the weather cleared up. It stopped raining and warmed up a bit. Katie rushed right up to see Dracula rising…I think that she likes this exhibit the best. When we knocked on the door to get some candy we were surprised to see that the lady who owns the house was Russian. I didn’t think that Halloween was such a big deal in Russia. As it turns out the lady just likes holidays.

We then proceeded to go to various other houses in the neighborhood to “trick or treat”. At one house Katie got some crayons and a little activity book. At the house owned by the Russian lady she got a little Halloween mask and a “glow in the dark” bracelet. It’s nice to see that not everyone feels the need to pass out sweets.

When we got home Katie was well relaxed…she had a lovely time. She “gorged” on the blueberries that I got today at Trader Joe’s and we soon put to her bed. Pleasant dreams of “goblins and ghosts” little Katie…

1) Katie enjoyed knocking on doors and getting treats this evening.