Day #667 (Tue., Nov 1, 2011) – Bring Bowl To Daddy

2011-11-01 - Halloween Treats
2011-11-01 - Halloween Treats

The first word I heard out of Katie’s mouth this morning was “Drakin” as she rattled the stair gates. This is her word for Dracula so she obviously had loads of fun last night. You can see her “stash of candy” she got in the photo to the left.

I went to Trader Joe’s today to specifically get some blueberries for Katie. She has really been missing them and ate almost the whole box yesterday. Today I got three boxes so that should hold her for a while.

This evening Katie has been eating puffed wheat while watching Oswald in our bedroom. She has been coming back to the kitchen from time to time to ask me to give her some more. I told her, if you want some more you have to bring your dish back and I will refill it for you. Sure enough, the next time she came to the kitchen she had the bowl for me to refill. That girl is sure picking things up fast these days.

I was going to take Katie out to see the “Drakin” display down the street this evening but I think I had better not. If we take her out each evening to see it she will get hooked on it and then what will we do when they take the decoration down for good?

1) I asked Katie to bring me her bowl and she did.