Day #672 (Sun., Nov 6, 2011) – Mary Poppins on YouTube

Katie didn’t get to bed til after midnight and cried and squeaked all night so it’s a rough morning for daddy.

2011-11-06 - Holiday Cookie Cutter Set
2011-11-06 - Holiday Cookie Cutter Set

We are gradually getting ready for Christmas. The photo to the right shows some holiday cookie cutters that we purchased.

Katie brought me a loaf of bread this morning so she obviously wanted to go and feed the ducks. We bundled her up and I drove her to Bond Park (where our babysitter Ramona usually feeds the ducks). There were no ducks near the dock…for some reason they were huddling in a far-flung area of the lake. After throwing some bread into the water we decided that we would go visit the lake across from where we live as there are usually ducks there. When we arrived the place was overrun with Canadian Geese. We started to feed them but they soon swarmed us with our bread so I picked up Katie to leave. She wanted to stay but it was time to go home for her nap anyway.

I took Katie out for a drive after her afternoon nap. We went to the botanical gardens near NC State and Katie enjoyed putting rocks into her bucket. We then rushed back to Cary to see the 5:30pm train. We didn’t get there when it arrived but were able to see it before it left. I got a good long video of Katie watching the train in all its glory. When the train left I showed Katie how to pick up acorns and throw them through the fence so we did that for a while.

This evening I found some Mary Poppins videos on YouTube and Katie loved to dance around with them. She especially liked the one with the chimney sweeps dancing on the roofs.

1) Katie has discovered Mary Poppins.