Day #673 (Mon., Nov 7, 2011) – The Egg Shaper

Katie got up just after 1am so I made her some milk and gave her a bowl of avocado, cheerios, raisins and cheese. The raisins were a hit…the other stuff not so much. We played with some foil letters for a bit, watched a bit of Oswald, and then I put her back to bed. I put the foil letters in with her to help calm her down so she could sleep.

2011-11-07 - Egg Shaper
2011-11-07 - Egg Shaper

The photo to the right shows an “Egg Shaper” tool that we recently purchased. You put a hard boiled egg into the mold when it is still hot and the mold will make a face like a bear, etc. out of it. Hopefully this will encourage Katie to eat even more of them…

Katie was leaning on her dollhouse and watching her Oswald DVD when she started to cry. The reason that her foot had gone under the dollhouse and she was standing on the dollhouse with her other foot. Ouch… A few hugs from mommy and things were back to normal.

Katie refused to sleep this evening so we took her out for a drive. She didn’t sleep in the car (which is her norm these days), but the plan is that after a drive she will have “calmed down” and it will be easier to put her to bed.

1) Katie now has “shaped eggs” via our Egg Shaper Kit..