Day #674 (Tue., Nov 8, 2011) – My First RC Toy

2011-11-08 - Secure Toy Shelf
2011-11-08 - Secure Toy Shelf

Katie got up around 6:15am this morning. After going to bed so late last night we were hoping that she would sleep longer this morning…but it was not to be.

Katie pulled toy shelf over the other day so I spent some time securing it to the wall today (see photo to the left). It will not hold indefinitely, but it will keep it snug to the wall and resist quite a bit of force.

Just before Ramona left for the day Katie took some time to come see each and every one of us and give us a kiss. This is quite rare for her…she’s starting to warm up in this area.

My wife gave me the Remote Control Train to put batteries in this evening. It has only two directions, forward and right, so it really lives up to its billing as “My First RC Toy”. In order to get it to go left you need to keep turning it right til it has done a complete circle. Katie played with it a bit but I think dad got more of a kick out of it. Maybe she will grow into it. She seemed to have more fun in dismantling a roll of toilet paper on the living room floor.

1) Katie got her first RC toy today.