Day #675 (Wed., Nov 9, 2011) – Up On The Dining Room Table

We got two DVDs today in the mail. “Mary Poppins” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. We were trying to play them this evening but Katie was wandering around saying “tubbies” so we decided to put that one in. Before we could get it into the player Katie materialized with her Oswald DVD so we’re not sure what she wants.

Katie is able to open and close the DVD player and take the disk out and run around with it. They will probably not last for long at this rate so we have to come up with a system where we can keep the DVD player and contents out of her hands. Perhaps a shelving unit over the fireplace? Have to think about this some more…

2011-11-09 - Special Pizza
2011-11-09 - Special Pizza

This evening Katie was roaming around saying “pizza” so I thought I would make her a special pizza (see photo to the right). I heated up some of her pasta & beef and put it on top of a slice of bread. Closest thing to a pizza I could think of with the ingredients on hand.

This evening my wife was downstairs working on her thesis when Katie managed to get up on top of the dining room table for the first time. She usually sits on the chairs at the table and colors in her coloring book but this evening she took this to a whole new level. I turned took her down and put the chairs on their sides. This is a new issue that we will need to resolve.

1) Katie got up on the dining room table for the first time today.