Day #677 (Fri., Nov 11, 2011) – Talking In A Clever Way

2011-11-11 - Dollar Store Golf Club
2011-11-11 - Dollar Store Golf Club

Another trip to Trader Joe’s today. They had a huge box of blueberries…$7.99 for 18 ounces so I got one. Sure beats those little boxes…$2.99 for 6 ounces.

The photo to the right shows the $1 golf club that I picked up for Katie the other day at the Dollar Store. She doesn’t really use it as a golf club but as a prop as she danced around to Mary Poppins “Step In Time”.

As I was watching the news in the living room this evening what should go rushing by but our little chipmunk with an assortment of daddy’s 8mm tapes. I had them in a box in the bedroom and she obviously got into them. I tried to get them but she made a game out of it and ran away even faster. Eventually I got ahold of them and put them on top of the filing cabinet in the bedroom. This is the only place that I can put stuff that will be out of her inquisitive eyes and arms.

Remember Katie’s pink sneakers that she used to wear all the time? Well, she cried like mad when we tried to put them on today. I guess she has outgrown those too…

Katie was all wet this evening. At first I thought it was because she poured juice on herself. I soon discovered that my wife put her diaper on top of her onesie. Just to show how tired we all are…

As I was giving Katie a bath this evening she started to hit me on the forehead. I said “Don’t hit daddy on the forehead”. She then ran her hands over my face and head and said “Awww…”.

After the bath I usually let Katie run around the house a bit and I chase her with the moisturizing oil. After I was done my wife said “Say thanks to daddy”. She ran after me to tap me and say “thanks”.

I’ve noticed that Katie has really grown up in the last few days. Like my wife says, she is now “Talking In A Clever Way”…

1) Katie has started to talk in a “Clever Way”.