Day #678 (Sat., Nov 12, 2011) – Katie Sees A Deer

Katie cried and sighed for most of the night so daddy didn’t get a very restful sleep. Oddly enough, Katie was also tired in the morning, so when she went to bed for her nap daddy did as well. We did have a quick Skype session with my mother before she dozed off…

Katie said the word “rainbow” this morning.

2011-11-12 - Katie And The Deer
2011-11-12 - Katie And The Deer

This afternoon I took Katie to the park near Lochmere. There is apparently a playground going up near WholeFoods but I drove all around it and saw nothing. While at the park Katie spent almost no time on the swings, slides or sandboxes. She loves to run and organize (and now throw) acorns. While she was out and about a deer happened to go bounding by (see photo to the left). Katie got a chance to see it and actually chased after it into someone’s backyard.

On the way home from the park we stopped off at Wal-Mart. I’ve been trying to find some fluffs for her, but they don’t seem to be sold anywhere…at least not at Trader Joe’s, Food Lion, or Wal-Mart. Maybe they don’t make it anymore. I take that back…I see that Arrowhead Mills and Quaker Foods sells it. I bet WholeFoods carries it. I did pick up a couple of packages of Crayola Washable Crayons. Heaven knows where all those other crayons we have bought ended up…

1) Katie saw a deer run across the playground this evening.