Day #679 (Sun., Nov 13, 2011) – Puffed Wheat

This morning Katie brought me a loaf of bread and said “duckies”…so her intention was obvious. We bundled her up and I drove her to Bond Lake. Before I took her out of her seat I walked down to see if the ducks were there, and they were, so we went down and fed them some of the white bread that Katie had brought me earlier in the day.

2011-11-13 - Running The Bases
2011-11-13 - Running The Bases

After Katie’s nap I drove her to Lochmere for a run. She spent a little bit of time in the swing and the sandbox, but she doesn’t seem to be the least bit interested in the slide these days. She did enjoy running the bases on the ballfield (see photo to the right) and gathering up acorns…which seems to be her favorite pastime these days.

On the way home from the park I stopped off at WholeFoods. I put Katie in the shopping cart and as we strolled past the berries she reached out to grab some strawberries. It has been a long time since she has had strawberries and she ate the whole box once we got home. She reached for them so she obviously wanted them. We also got some puffed wheat…the other stores don’t seem to sell it anymore.

1) Katie ate a whole box of strawberries today.