Day #682 (Wed., Nov 16, 2011) – Duckie In An Eggie

2011-11-16 - Yellow Shoes
2011-11-16 - Yellow Shoes

Katie screamed twice last night…at 3:00am and 6:00am. The first scream woke daddy up and the second scream prevented daddy from going back to bed. Katie slept through it all of course. Daddy is dying…

Katie loves to run around in her yellow shoes (see photo to the right).

My wife went to see her thesis adviser for most of the day today. This should be it. If all goes well she will be on track to graduate this December.

This evening Katie got my wife to give her this tiny little duck figurine off the hutch. The next thing we knew she was putting it inside one of her little plastic eggs.

Katie was in her high chair eating yogurt this evening. She would call out for more and I would go and give it to her. She would reply “thanks”. All was going good til we looked up and she had yogurt all over her head. We already gave her a bath this evening so now we had to specially wash her hair.

At 8pm it looked like Katie was ready to go to bed. Here it is 10:20pm and she is still up. I didn’t get her to bed til about 11:30pm last night so it looks like this is going to be a repeat of last night.

1) Katie poured yogurt all over her head this evening.