Day #681 (Tue., Nov 15, 2011) – That Precious Last Signature…

2011-11-15 - Night Before Christmas
2011-11-15 - Night Before Christmas

I got a Hallmark Recordable “Night Before Christmas” book (see photo to the left) in the mail. It took a while to record it, but it was not too bad. When I played it for Katie this evening she was amused…but didn’t appear to be as fascinated with it as daddy. Perhaps she will grow into it.

4:10pm…my wife got an email that the last person who has to sign her dissertation has signed it, so it looks like she will be graduating this December. There are still some hoops that need to be hurdled, but it is looking very promising at this stage. It has been a long hard haul with many $ going to babysitters to free up time, but it looks like now it is all going to pay off…

Now that all the signatures are out of the way we decided to go out and celebrate a bit. How do we celebrate? We went to Target to look at the Christmas trees. We were not too impressed with them…they looked fake. The ones we saw the other day at Lowe’s were much more natural (if that makes sense). Katie enjoyed running around. She found some children’s books and sat down and read them for a bit. A quick visit to TJ Maxx and we went home.

This evening my wife was feeling tired so she went to bed. I was planning on giving Katie some milk and a snack and put her to bed as well…but she had other plans. For starters she would not eat. When I put her to bed for the first time she cried and cried til I went and got her. The first thing she did was point to the living room and said “see momma”. When I let her out of the crib she went to the gate and started to rattle it. I think she missed seeing her mother before she went to bed. I distracted her with some television and soon she was bringing me some bread so we could go feed the duckies…at 10pm!!!! I showed her the window and told her that the duckies were sleeping now and that Ramona would take her out to feed them tomorrow morning.

After two more attempts Katie went to bed around 11:30pm. Daddy soon followed. As Katie usually likes to bring her food to daddy’s bed to watch Oswald or some other television show daddy has the opportunity to sleep with all sorts of goodies. Sometimes he is just too tired to clear off the bed and just drops. Sleeping with wheat puffs and granola and blueberries has nothing on sleeping on top of green beans…

1) Katie.