Day #686 (Sun., Nov 20, 2011) – A Trip To The Zoo

We decided that we would go to the North Carolina Zoo today…but when Katie got up around 9:45am it put a bit of a bind on our plans. We were thinking of going to Snyder Farms restaurant about an hour away from the zoo, but since she got up so late we had to adjust our plans.

Katie didn’t sleep in the car all the way to the zoo…and got real fussy by the time we were nearing the zoo. When we arrived in Asheville we decided that we would stop for lunch at Golden Corral. Katie was hungry and ate almost everything we gave her. She loved running around and seeing the sites as well.

2011-11-20 - Bison Statue
2011-11-20 - Bison Statue

We arrived at the zoo around 12:30pm and armed with a knapsack and stroller we were off to see the sights. First up was the seal exhibit. Then came the fish and puffins. Katie really liked seeing the bears and I think the highlight of today’s trip was the life size bison statue (see photo to the left).

Mid-way through the zoo there was a carousel so we bought a ticket for $2.00 so that my wife could take Katie for a ride. She loved it. While I was taking pictures I got some raindrops on my head and face so we decided to leave lest we get soaked. well, it never did rain…but it was about 3pm so we had a good long day none-the-less.

On the drive home Katie slept like a baby. It was quite the day of adventure for her. Just before we arrived home we got some grilled KFC chicken so we would not have to worry about finding something to eat. A fun time was had by one and all…

1) Katie loved seeing all the various animals at the zoo.