Day #687 (Mon., Nov 21, 2011) – “I Show Mommy”

Katie was up in the middle of the night. Since my wife is done her dissertation we are taking turns handling the baby monitor in the middle of the night. This was my wife’s turn. This morning Katie brought a book to bed and said “I show mommy”.

We took Katie to Trader Joe’s for supplies this morning. It used to be easier when Katie was younger as she would just sit in the buggy. Now she wants to get out and run around. It’s hard to keep her under control…she actually ran into a woman. I gave her one of the small shopping carts to push around but she was bumping into the displays so I had to nix that idea as well. The lady at the cashier gave her some Trader Joe’s stickers.

Katie found a green crayon and proceeded to “patch” everything in site. She said “Green Patch” (her term for green crayon) and “Green Train” as she applied this color to a drawing of a train.

Katie got up late from her nap this afternoon so we decided we had better take her out for a drive so she would be more “manageable” in the evening hours. I came up with the idea of going to see the various Christmas lights in our neighborhood. I didn’t think that they would really be out yet…boy was I wrong.

There is a tradition in these parts of the woods that the day after Thanksgiving is the start of the Christmas decoration season, etc. When you think about it…in order to have your display up and running by the day after Thanksgiving you have to start early if you have a lot to display. Such is the case with the houses we visited this evening.

First on the agenda is a nearby house on Hawks Nest. He takes great delight in being the most decorated house in the neighborhood, and you can probably see his display from outer space. We took the chance that some of his decorations would be out..and we were right.

Katie still misses her “Drakon” (i.e.: her terminology for Dracula) display from Halloween, but this is sure to take its place. She enjoyed running around and touching the various figures. We had to go and retrieve her off of the lawn a couple of times. This house even has some inflatable figures…Katie loves them…

2011-11-21 - Making Herself At Home
2011-11-21 - Making Herself At Home

The next stop on the agenda was a house off of High House Road. On the way there I stopped off at McDonalds for a Pepperment Mocha.

There is a lot of land on this particular lot on High House Road to put up a lot of decorations. We stop by every year to see the display, and this year we have our little Katie to enjoy the show. She really enjoyed roaming the lawn and touching the displays. She even inserted herself into the Bethlehem manger scene (see photo to the left) by riding one of the figures like it was a “horsey”.

Katie put a stickable letter on her nose this evening and decided that mommy and daddy needed one as well. She went up to us and put one on each of us. As she put mine on she said “Daddy’s Nose”…

1) Katie inserted herself into a manger scene this evening.