Day #694 (Mon., Nov 28, 2011) – Feeling Much Better…

Katie is feeling much better today. She is actually up and jumping and dancing around. She still had her nasty cough but I think that the worst is behind us now. We were thinking that we might have to take her to the doctor today if she wasn’t improving…but I guess that is a mute point now.

2011-11-28 - Ornaments
2011-11-28 - Ornaments

She is fascinated with a toilet paper roll right now and figuring out how many squares are on each roll. To do this she rips them all off so it is quite the mess.

This evening Katie decided that she would clear all the books off the bottom shelf of her bookcase and sit on it. Not that comfortable…

It is quite the challenge to keep Katie away from the ornaments on the Christmas tree (such as those shown in the photo to the right). She will grab them and pull them off and bring them to daddy or mommy to see what she has found. Of course she will chew on some of them from time-to-time so that is another challenge.

We have tried about 3 or 4 times since 8pm to put Katie to bed but she is having nothing to do with it. She gets up again and runs around. Around 11:30pm we decided to take her out for a ride to “take the edge off”…of course she wanted to hug the trees on the way to and back from the car.

1) Katie is feeling much better today.