Day #697 (Thu., Dec 1, 2011) – Eating Like Mad…

Katie ate 1/2 egg, some tubby toast (basically a round waffle but we’re not telling her), an apple, etc. for breakfast this morning. In other words she is eating like mad…this makes up for the past few days of eating almost nothing. Our little Katie is back…

2011-12-01 - Our Neighbors
2011-12-01 - Our Neighbors

The Christmas decorations are gradually coming out. The photo to the right shows our neighbor’s house on Normandale Drive.

We are finding Christmas ornaments at various places around the house as Katie plucks them off the Christmas tree. I’m putting them in the box of mandarin oranges for now til we find a more permanent hiding place for them.

A new episode of Caillou on television today. This one dealt with a sleigh ride and tapping trees for maple syrup. Good for Katie to be familiar with this stuff for our next trip to Canada.

I stacked up a bunch of books like dominoes this evening and knocked them down. Katie was fascinated with this and said “Up Again”.

My wife took out the “letter” cards that I got at the Dollar Store a while back. Katie loved them. I will have to get more of them.

1) Katie’s cold is past us now.