Day #696 (Wed., Nov 30, 2011) – The Filing Cabinet Cloth

Katie is eating the Christmas cookies that I baked yesterday. She really enjoys the various shapes. Right now she just bit the head off the gingerbread man…

2011-11-30 - Katie And The Leaf Blowers
2011-11-30 - Katie And The Leaf Blowers

My wife went shopping this afternoon so I took care of Katie…who was sleeping when she left. She was awoken from her sleep by the racket the leaf blowers were making. That’s the bad part. The good part is that Katie always enjoys overseeing their activities (as you can see in the photo to the right).

Today we managed to clean up the mess in the living room and our bedroom. It has gotten a bit messy since Katie has been sick for the past few days and her late nights keeping us up has slowed us down in return. It’s nice to see things back in “ship shape” again.

Katie started to pull on the cloth over the file cabinet this evening. The area on top of the filing cabinet is the only place that I can really call “my own”. It is where I keep my keys and money and valuables and it is one area that I know for sure is outside of her reach. If she manages to pull this cloth off the contents will fall down as well, so the solution is…remove the cloth.

1) Katie sure enjoys supervising those leaf blowers.