Day #704 (Thu., Dec 8, 2011) – Looks Like Katie ( Games Book Stuff )

My wife and I are thinking about how Katie will behave at the Christmas party this Saturday evening. She will probably be staring at people and pointing out their shoes for the most part, but if she happens to get fussy we are going to be bringing along some games book stuff to keep her entertained.

2011-12-08 - Squirting Bath Toys
2011-12-08 - Squirting Bath Toys

I stopped off at the Dollar Store this morning to pick up some little toys for Katie to play with at the Christmas party on Saturday. I got some coloring books and a card game. I also got a package of squirtable bath toys for Katie to play with in the bathtub (see photo to the right). I then stopped off at Trader Joe’s for some soup supplies…Katie loves her soup. There was a lady leaving the parking lot who had a baby girl who looked just like Katie. I showed her the photo of Katie from my wallet and she agreed with me.

This evening I took Katie to Bond Park to play on the playground. She didn’t see the puddle on the walk up to the playground but she sure found it on the way back. Why let a good puddle go to waste and not jump in it right? While Katie was in the swing we heard a train in the distance. I said “Do you want to play here or go see the train”? As soon as I let her down she ran towards the car…so off to see the train we went.

The train at the Cary station was a bit late so I entertained Katie by showing her how you could put acorns into the top of a pop bottle. She wanted me to pick her up to see the train but as it would be hard to hold her and video the train I sat her on top of the car and held her jacket so she would not fall. She loved seeing the train come and go. People on the train waved to her.

1) I got Katie some squirtable bath toys today.