Day #843 (Wed., Apr. 25, 2012) – The Babysitter’s Vacation

2012-04-25 - Katie And The Deer
2012-04-25 - Katie And The Deer

Katie got a chance to see the deer today (see photo to the left).

Ramona has gone on vacation for a week or so and as a result my wife and I have to face the onslaught of what Katie will bring by ourselves. My wife did meet a lady when she was out walking who was taking care of our neighbor’s kids and she will be able to help us out for a few hours next week.

This afternoon my wife took Katie to the park and she had loads of fun jumping in the puddles in the basketball court.

This evening Katie got into the serviettes in one of the cabinets in our new dining room area. They quickly ended up in her bowl of “liquid” (a combination of juice, milk and water) and from there they were used to wash my wife’s face… Yeech!

Katie also took great delight in taking my wife’s socks off and using her sidewalk chalk on her feet.

Katie seems to be such an evening child. We are not sure why but she seems to come alive in the evening. Here it is 9:58pm and she is playing “hopscotch” on the mats in our bedroom.

1) Katie saw some deer today.